thruthemotions (thruthemotions) wrote in patheticism101,

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My Bubble

living in a bubble, just won't let you in.
all you find is lonliness, deep inside, within.

completely isolated, in this dark bubble of mine;
can't let anybody enter, i'll just tell them that i'm fine.

smiling hurts more than anything, but i do it everyday;
to make people believe i'm happy, to turn them all away.

i'm finding all the reasons i should live, and reasons i should not;
one side of the scare is empty, but emptiness is all i've got.

i'm trying to find a person, who understands how i feel;
i thought i found this person, but it turns out she isn't real.

my heart is drenched in tears, my whole world is upside-down;
my mind is completely crisscrossed, and my lips are one big frown.

so i'll just stay in my bubble, and shut out the entire void;
just me in my dark shadow. i'm such a messed up guy.


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