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A few days ago, I spent most of my time in the laundromat. Sounds of change filled my ears. People walking by. Lives, faces, people, laundry.
Folding, cleaning, their minds racing faster than ever.
I cant help but wonder what theyre thinking. Faces...sometimes they all blend into the same.
I see a single mom, with un-ruly children. An old man, lonely, with a wedding ring that looks worn and old. I wondered if the woman he once belonged to was still on this earth. He was only washing male clothing. Change into the dryer.
I dont get it.
Why am I drawn to these places?
I see these people, lonely hearts...
am I just comparing myself to them? or is it that i see myself in each and every one of them?
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the latter. even when its not you that you see in them, its a possibility of you, something that you could be.
its the possibilities that draw us to these people.
laundromats are...
well, i'm on the fence on the subject.
sometimes it's fun to go to the laundromat...
it's the only place where it's socially acceptable to show one's "dirty laundry". no one there knows who you are. they guess, by the clothes you are washing, the song you are humming, and by the soap you use.
"hypo-allergenic? she must be sensitive."
"no animal testing? she must have morals."
but no one knows the real can be anyone. strike up a conversation, borrow a dryer sheet, or sit in the corner reading the paper (maybe they'll think you're aloof and mysterious).

the problem i have with actually touched on. i see the old man, the single reminds me of how depressing the world is. my own life...all of these strangers...tied together by the need for personal hygiene...

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