Bernie (bernie_isdead) wrote in patheticism101,


A few days ago, I spent most of my time in the laundromat. Sounds of change filled my ears. People walking by. Lives, faces, people, laundry.
Folding, cleaning, their minds racing faster than ever.
I cant help but wonder what theyre thinking. Faces...sometimes they all blend into the same.
I see a single mom, with un-ruly children. An old man, lonely, with a wedding ring that looks worn and old. I wondered if the woman he once belonged to was still on this earth. He was only washing male clothing. Change into the dryer.
I dont get it.
Why am I drawn to these places?
I see these people, lonely hearts...
am I just comparing myself to them? or is it that i see myself in each and every one of them?
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